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KeyPartners is an initiative that answers a simple question - “how can I solve the problems companies face while acquiring the right talent?” With a rich history and experience spanning over 75 years in this field, our company progresses with one simple goal in mind, to partner with trust and deliver 100% satisfaction and wholesome experiences to the clients with the help of HR analyses and support to operations and processes.

Our Services

Executive & Professional Search

The process we follow is not about measuring quantitative and tangible aspects of a candidate but about analyzing the individual and competencies they hold as well.

Interim Management

With a dynamic work culture including freelancing and temporary project requirements taking the limelight, KeyPartners helps in keeping up with the market trends.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

KeyPartners is a pioneering firm that provides the best HR solutions through our skilled team of consultants.

Assessment & Leadership

Every organization and company looks for candidates who are multi-talented and can perform to the best of their abilities as employees under any project. KeyPartners utilize perfectly built tests and assessments that can help assess the candidate's qualification and what job profile best suits them.

Compensation & Rewards

Our consultants adopt a comprehensive and holistic approach to employee compensation. We encourage you to think beyond the numbers on an employee’s paycheck and also evaluate other non-financial ways (tangible and intangible) your organization gives back to its employees.

Training & Development

Our tailor made trainings support the development of your colleagues in making a positive impact on the organization.

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