KeyPartners offers assessment and development paths dedicated both to managerial and professional figures included in ongoing research and selection processes, and to figures already operating in their roles in the company.
The methodology used is that of the Assessment Center in individual and/or group form, personalized according to the target of people receiving the intervention, the objectives and the reference leadership models (where not already present, the leadership model can be built in partnership with the customer).
The assessments are designed and conducted exclusively by professionals with high seniority.
The assessment center is equipped with the use of diagnostic tests of which KeyPartners is a licensee and which contribute to the reliability and solidity of the assessment methodologies used

Downstream of the assessment processes or even just on the basis of a training need that emerges regardless of the assessment activity, KeyPartners offers leadership training & development interventions to support the development of strategic managerial skills.

Each path is customized according to the customer’s needs and involves alternating between training sessions (in presence or digitally synchronized) and practical application in the field (training skill gym through specific assignments and feedback sessions). This allows for a strong anchorage between the training experience and the concrete transferability of the learning within the participant’s working reality.


KeyPartners offers personalized individual and group development paths, led by certified coaches at schools of excellence.

Coaching envisages that two figures, the coach (external professional) and the person work to achieve a growth objective, to enhance individual skills and/or to overcome a critical situation of the person. In the group context, coaching has the function of a sounding board for the learning of individuals and exploits the strength of the group itself and of cross-feedback to generate new awareness in the participants.

The KeyPartners approach, while favoring a protected space for the person characterized by trust, involvement and support, is strongly anchored to concrete performance improvement objectives. It therefore also provides for the involvement of the manager and the collection of a mandate and feedback at the end of the process.

KeyPartners has developed a solid model for evaluating investments and the impacts of the actions taken along the way.