Executive Search

We understand that the word ‘recruitment’ is not just about only acquiring the right talent, but onboarding them for the right task at the right time.

The process we follow is not about measuring quantitative and tangible aspects of a candidate but about analyzing the individual, and the intangible, and inner competencies they hold as well.


Understanding and analyzing

Our process starts by understanding where the company first stands, then analyzing the requirements that they would need, right from the quality of applicants or candidates to the quantity. This step aims to firstly understand problem statements that the company needs to solve through HR solutions and operational-based solutions that we can offer.

Qualification analysis

Following the review of the company and their requirements, the next process is a detailed analysis of the qualifications of different candidates to understand who are fit for the particular roles. This step comes under ‘right talent for the right job, where we match your requirements with the candidate’s qualifications to select the best candidate for the company’s requirements.

Targeted attraction and consultation

After reviewing the type of qualifications that candidates need to possess, the next process is targeted attraction. This process involves sourcing and attracting quality candidates who best fit into the particular job persona. With the help of our top-of-the-class consultants, we would be then diving into selecting the best methodology to start away with your recruitment process.

Understanding where we stand

With all the above processes successfully curated, Key Partner also provides the company regular and updated reports and analyses about the status of all of the above processes. This includes a detailed report, deciding what route to move ahead with to improve the recruitment cycle and what are the potential outcomes that are expected by following the given steps.

Onboarding and welcoming

The final step of onboarding is officially welcoming the selected candidates for the job roles and into the company. The onboarding procedure includes an induction plan for the new recruits to give them a walkthrough of their respective job roles.